About Rule Clarifications

Questions and clarifications about rules more specific than can reasonably be included in the detailed version of the rules themselves.

This is exclusively for clarifications to rules on Wizard’s Den servers. The detailed version of Wizard’s Den server rules can be found at Server Rules - Space Station 14 Wiki. You can ask questions about rules in the Questions subsection.

While clarifications may be cited in ahelps and ban appeals, and the admin team will do their best to detail any limitations, there may be cases where they don’t apply. No rule clarification prohibits an individual admin, or the admin team, from deviating from it in a specific case, however clarifications here are likely to be strongly considered when determining if any OOC actions will be taken.

A lack of a clarification here should never be interpreted to have any meaning. If a clarification does not exist, you should not blindly assume that it is permitted by the rules nor should you blindly assume that it is forbidden by them. For example, a lack of a clarification about a potential bug, does not mean that it will not be treated as a bug if exploited.

Tags and Terms

rc-active - Currently active rule clarifications.
rc-outdated - Outdated rule clarifications and questions. They are no longer active, they are retained for historical purposes.
rc-rejected - Rejected rule clarification questions. Something prevented the question from being answered.
LRP - Applies on the LRP servers: Lizard, Miros, Leviathan, Vulture
MRP - Applies on the MRP servers: Salamander
rc-roleplay - A “roleplay” rule typically only applies up until the round summary appears. After the summary, these rule no longer apply. Rules about self-antagging are roleplay rules.
rc-gameplay - Gameplay rules typically apply at any time within the game, including in OOC. Rules like the rule forbidding ERP are gameplay rules.
rc-bug - Determinations on whether or not something is considered a bug or exploit.
rc-misc - Miscellaneous rules don’t fit well into another category. They include rules and policies on account sharing and ban appeals.