About the Questions category

A place for players to ask questions about rules.

This is exclusively for questions about rules on Wizard’s Den servers.

Only information in clarifications can be cited in ahelps or ban appeals. Information in question answers, like interpretations of clarifications or past experience, cannot be cited.

Tags are only meant to aid in organization, you should check the cited clarifications given in an answer for specific information about the circumstances it applies in. A lack of an MRP or LRP tag is not a guarantee that the answer does not apply to the server type. See the list in the parent section for tag meanings.

Before Posting

Keep the following in mind when posting to or asking questions in this section:

  1. This is not for reviewing past ahelps or situations. Concerns about past admin actions should be brought to the head admin.
  2. Questions should be vague enough that it is likely for the situation to occur in the future. “If someone welderbombs, can I kill them?” or “As a syndie, can I steal and hoard all of the station’s food?” are fine, but describing the background of a situation in great detail likely means it’s too unlikely to happen to be appropriate to ask here.
  3. Do not peanut post. All answers should cite rule clarifications. Answers should not rely on past experiences or speculation, even if it is based on other clarifications or rules.
  4. You are not required to include tags in your post, but should include an MRP or LRP tag if your question is specific to one of those.
  5. Do not ask questions that are directly answered by the more detailed version of the rules at Server Rules - Space Station 14 Wiki.
  6. Search the Questions and Rule Clarifications sections for your question, similar ones, and relevant clarifications to see if it has already been answered.
  7. This section is not for suggested changes.