Abovus job ban appeal

Roles: Command jobs and security jobs.
Length of ban: I do now know.
Events leading to the ban: It was a normal Warden shift when suddenly the armory had gotten blown open by a syndicate. we manage to kill the syndicate before the grab a gun. We get alerts of syndicates in Evac and Hos and a sec officer goes there. I hear screams on the radio saying “EVAC” and when I go there I see a dead Hos that is getting looted by a clown and an engineer. before I went to evac an engineer informed me that they saw john with a stealth box. right now John was on top the dead hos with the clown. fearing that john may be armed I use lethals for him and then cuff him to start going to medbay. The clown throws a flashbang at me while I had a sechud and not sun glasses and i start to fear that the clown is a syndicate to. I used some bullets to make him stop following me but then he used a pie on me and i dropped my gun. Since i could not risk it any longer i had to gun down the clown to in fear of him killing me. Realized that the engineer went ssd i took the clown body to medbay only to see it in chaos. then i remember that sec has a morgue unit so i start going there to store the clown to revive later. But i get killed on my way to sec and learn that whole of sec had gotten wiped out while i was at Evac. When an admin send me a message for me to explain what happened with the clown I had only 4 minutes to explain what happened because i had to leave to go somewhere. I did not manage to explain enough and i got job banned

Reason the ban should be removed: My reason was mostly at the events leading to the ban. I do know i was wrong on killing the clown but at that moment it seemed like the only logical thing to do for me to not end up like hos. Even if my ban is not removed i would like to know how much time it has or if it could be reduced.

It looks like it was probably more related to the rapid leaving on the aHelp, generally this is a common pattern for someone that is just out to RDM and over escalate then disconnects.

Considering the events leading up to and that the HOS was being actively looted the actions seem justified.
Appeal accepted - ban removed.

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