Abusing the low iq and sweaty hands of the local security team

Hey hey people Jung here 

Are you like me, when your running around that claustrophobic space station nothing makes you feel safe?

Any person from captain too greytider with a spade can be a threat too your very life?

Well boy do I have the solution for you! ( tbc meta gaming strategy/shitter anarchist trait )    stun batons.  They come in a one size fits all length and usually come attached too security officers hips

But what if I told you, taken away from the security officer this piece of technology can mean the difference between life and death, it can mean the difference between violence even being an option as flashing a baton on a angry person bent on bending a crowbar over your head is 90% of the time enough too get them too shuffle off.

Acquisitions of this item in paticular is a very grey Area.  Like an overcast day it can look different from each perspective and gloomier for others compared to some as just a mild inconvenience in their day.

Now I won’t lie, I’ve been around for a while now yesir Nd I know the rules and uphold them as too preserve my own buttocks from being sent too bantown


That baton,   you best belive I keep one on me no matter the role no matter the time and no matter how I got it.    Its shameless I know and I can defend myself only by saying it defends my liberty and freedom while existing on whatever station I find myself too be working on.

am I wrong to do this?   When a sec runs pasts jovial full of glee with his baton out or when the power goes out everyone knows what time it is, its baton time and I admit I will do it every chance or opportunity I get in almost any role.

I’m still here so I assume it’s ok? 

If you are going to ask questions we ask you please word them directly instead of the way you did here. It seems all you want to ask is “can I steal a baton just because I don’t like to get robusted” and the answer is “no”. Doing so is still a crime and security has every right to confiscate it and arrest you. A significant pattern or problem of this behavior would be considered powergaming.

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