Account: snikish. Discord: knikish#2690 - Speaking Russian. Sexual and political talk

SS14 account username: snikish
Ban reason: Speaking Russian. Sexual and political talk.
Date of ban: 03.11.2023
Length of ban: 30-60 minutes
Events leading to the ban: In short: sec was dragging someone and i saw that he(not sec) speaked russian. i folowed them to help with language barrier, this criminal said “americans sucks, i fucked their mouth”. Sec asked me what he was saying and a said what he said. Then they wanted me to say that his time is up, but he refused to leave and said “i am staying here to live”. Then after some time i left sec and was minding my own buisnes after some time i got banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I am not denying that i was speaking russian, but it was only to help secs. Also all “Sexual and political talk” wasnt said by me i was just reporting it to sec.

p.s i have full video of events but it is to big, if you want it dm me in discord

Length of ban: undetermined


Commenting so it will show up again


Thank you for having the impatience that drove you to bump your appeal about 24 hours after making it. I assume it was this impatience which led you to attempt to evade your ban, and by doing so you have saved multiple admins time in considering your appeal.

Our policy on ban evasion requires that you not be able to appeal until at least 6 months after your last ban evasion attempt. It also requires that you present a voucher of good behavior with your appeal from a well known SS14 or SS13 server.

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