Account Username: Waltuh

Character name Tyler White

type of ban Banned from server

date of ban 10/27/2022

Reason: “beat someone to crit for shooting them with cap gun apears to acknowledge it was a cap gun before beating them”

My side Guy tells me to follow him and he leads me into the place with wires and Says “DIE” and starts shooting me I thought it was a real gun so I ran and then he said it was toygun when I went to lawyer office but when he said it was toy gun but I didn’t believe him because he had orange thing in hand which I thought he was talking about but when he was shooting me he had blue thing so I thought he was lying (Also I am new to the game and have only played 10 hours) I really did think it was real gun so I beat him up I thought him shooting me with real gun was enough reason to beat him up plus I was playing as syndicate

why I should get unbanned: I am new to this game (played 10 hours) and really enjoy it and I am new I will not make mistake again.



I thought him shooting me with real gun was enough reason to beat him up plus I was playing as syndicate

My logs here say you joined Pillar on 10/28/2022 at 0034 hours as a service worker and most assuredly were not “playing as syndicate” because of two reasons:

  1. The logs do not announce you as syndicate or give you code words

  2. You were playing Service Worker which is barred from becoming an antagonist

Furthermore, the guy said it was a toy gun to you. You also didn’t die when he shot you. I have a hard time believing that you still thought he had shot you with a real gun after both of these things happened.

I thought i was playing syndicate because I normally set it to syndicate

You have been playing the game on our servers since the 13th of October and consistently from the 22nd to 28th of October. I find it hard to believe that you are only now finding out that syndicates are randomly assigned by the game to random crew members. The check box in character creator is merely an opt in/opt out.

You probably had a decent chance of getting this appeal accepted since I was about to write up a vote for our team to handle and discuss it but it looks like you couldn’t resist attempting to ban evade under “NotAKidNamedFinger” on 11/1/2022.

Denied. Appeal only with a voucher of good behavior and only after 05/01/2022 due to ban evasion attempts.

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