Acer231#5666 No homophobic slurs

SS14 account: acer231

Character name: joseph brindle.
Type of Ban: game ban.
Date of Ban and Duration: iam unsure.
Reason for Ban: no homophobic slurs.
Server you were playing on when banned: spacelizards?
Your side of the story: i used a homophobic slur.

Why you think you should be unbanned: i spent a month away and have learned from my mistake.
Iam not an experienced or seasoned ss14 player. iam not  a leader in my job and have made mistakes. i do not attack other people personally there is not point everyone is here to unwind and relax. the golden rule of my life was to do on to others what they would do to you. so i try to approach everyone in a fun or positive manor i would not purposefully want to hurt someone’s feelings it goes with out saying that on being gay is not a problem or something to actually be ashamed of or singled out for i’ve  had many gay or lgbt friends. 
Anything else we should know: regardless of guilt if i had and not realized it i would like the opportunity to apologize to the person i offended, please and thank you.

i was told to re-appeal in 1 month. there isn’t a lot on my appeal to change as I had said I apologize for the behavior and it will not happen again.

Appeal accepted. Don’t do it again.

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