Acorn - Left during Ahelp

Ban Reason: Left during Ahelp, Was reported to explode chem as a kobold, which logs confirmed. Left after being confronted.
Length: Appeal
Events leading to the ban:
Several things happened during this round, but ill stick to the kobolding.

I ghost role a random kobold, do some kobold messing around involving the chefs, one of which wanted to eat me, and the other who wanted me alive. The latter hauls me to med after the former stabs me to crit. Med staff heal me, put me in medical clothes, and shove me in chemistry and tell me to work. Made a thing of Inaprov in a beaker, before I decide to slap the welding tank IC to get a ‘no, bad kobold’ from the medical staff. Because of the way welding tanks are programmed. It explodes, blowing me and chem up. I proceed to get revived and then murdered by said medical staff for my crimes.

Why the ban should be removed:

First off, the leaving during ahelp is straight bogus. I stayed on the server as a ghost for about 5 minutes post dying at the hands of the medical staff before leaving. I did not get any ahelps, no bwoink, nothing, during that time. I even had a short convo with Micheal Schrader, who, if memory serves, I asked about why the welding tank exploded, and then was informed that all pierce damage explodes welding tanks. I had no intentions of exploding chem, or knowledge that kobold claws even did peirce damage. I dont play lizardfolk often. Anyways, I did not leave during an ahelp, as I did not get an ahelp. While i understand the left during ahelp thing might be a catchall term for people greifing and leaving after. the Left after being confronted thing is made up.

(Also feel free to mess with this post if i fucked up the format)

To add on, here is my response to each of the 4 reasons why a ban for leaving during ahelp would be placed.

Disconnect immediately after breaking a rule: No, waited for about 5 minutes, including having a dead chat convo with Micheal Schrader, after he killed himself after another crew member named Ajax Zvilens (last name mispelled probably) reminded him IC of his past. 
Disconnect during an ahelp: I did not receive an ahelp during the 5ish minutes I remained on the server. In fact, I was planning to leave after my death as a kobold, but stayed for a bit in anticipation of a potential ahelp (It does look on the surface like I blew up chem intentionally), and only left after i did not get an admin message.
Without responding, kept playing: N/A, as I disconnected.
Do not respond: N/A, again.

I would like to have it explained how long I should loiter on the server during peak hours after any ahelpable incident.

After admin discussion we have elected to remove the ban.

  • It does not appear you were online when you were contacted over the incident.
  • You have already served whatever minimum sentence would have been appropriate for detonating the fuel tank.

I apologize for the delay on processing this. Please reach out if you are still unable to connect to the servers.

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