Adding built in MIDI support for Mac and Linux systems

As in the title, I believe the MIDI interface should be supported for all of the OS the game can run on, not only for windows. Now I don’t claim to be a coding expert and don’t know the difficulty of adding such a feature but I have read a couple discussions in this forum for getting the MIDI to work, which proves that is is at least possible to add.

Why is this important? because there are multiple jobs and roles which are completely dependent on the MIDI functionality such as musician, pAI, band member, general noisy shitter, ect… Whose features and draws are either completely or almost completely dysfunctional due to the lack of built in support. After all what is a pAI that can’t play sick tunes while their owner is being mauled by space carp or a musician who doesn’t know how to use an instrument, A clown denied the right to torment HOS with an accordion.

Some may argue that it is the job of the dedicated end user to mod MIDI support into their game. I argue that expecting everyone who uses a Mac or linux device to have to search forums and discussions for the right to play music is unreasonable. The average person won’t have the experience or the patience to spend a few hours of their day installing a music player into a video game.

In summation, can we please, please have a working MIDI player. I promise I won’t drive the staff insane with the sound of bagpipes in their walls.

I’m on Linux and haven’t played in a while, but last I checked, at least the file input worked. So unless something broke that, it should be either working or fixable.
Not sure on connecting a midi device, since I don’t use those.
And as cool as plugging a keyboard or such into the game is, I feel like most players would rather just keep some midis and upload those as files.

Do you mean MIDI device input to the game or MIDI file soundfont output from the game to your speakers?

Both were working last I saw. MIDI file soundfont needs to be installed by the user because the OS doesn’t come with one preinstalled like Windows does.

MIDI device input might need hooking up to jack control or similar to get working, but it should work.

This needs Refactor native library compilation stack · Issue #4997 · space-wizards/RobustToolbox · GitHub