ADM_F - PlasmaCellDefib

Ban reason:  injecting plasma into all the defibs (self antag)
Length of ban: looks perm to me not sure
Events leading to the ban: im a reporter on the round with no antags (aka boring as heck) found a syringe and got an idea 
Reason the ban should be removed:  

Note: i was not a antag 

the entire reson why antags exist it to add flavor to a round and hype to the antag themselfs if you have a round without it it basicly becomes a waterdowned chat room with jobs and a reason to play (not a good one but it is one)

the antags job is to finish everything the need to do and keep the normal players thinking twice whenever they see a person (revs syndies and the new theif terminator) or they change the whole dynamic of the round (zombies nukies warops) admemes are cool but a whole round of it is boring because for almost all of them you get a little popup hey look this guy wannted to do a job that a normal player could do better (with time)

this entire drag of a post is basicly to say what the heck is the point of a antagless round 

in a normal round i dont want to selfantag but in a round where nothing is happining is way to boring i felt like doing somthing because i didnt have a game idea if i left so i did somthing stupid

in game it was worth it but i do wish to continue to play on den servers 

i will not self antag again



This appeal was put to a vote amongst the admin team and the resulting action was to deny your appeal. You are free to make another appeal in 2 weeks.

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