Admin Complaint? Rules Question? Gameplaying Question?

Took a 2 month break and joined up again today, played on the nyan server since wizards was full for a couple rounds nothing happens, i joined wizard and then played 4-5 rounds as mime, a couple rounds in i get a bwoink from Pancake who immediately accuses me of handing out guns as captain, i don’t think i have ever played captain. I tell them so, and they reply in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable, like they holding it against me or don’t believe what i said, so i reply slightly more aggressive (no swearing or bad words) and state Ive never played captain. Soon after they make an excuse and say they got the names mixed up and leave me alone.

I continue playing for a couple rounds as mime and again i get bwoinked by Pancake, this time they claim i have 4-5 ahelps for the last few rounds, they even stated i went mime and slaughtered the crew? My actions were normal, i have not murdered nor even assaulted/hurt a single person since joining, the worst thing i had done was multitool into bridge and wave at the captain and dance from outside the actual bridge, i was then jailed and did time in sec. I am unsure if i am being targeted by Pancake who is looking for an excuse to ban me, Pancake brought up previous reports that are months old, i admit that i did deserve those reports because i had just started playing and was acclimating to ss14 from ss13, i did get an early ban for WGW over announcements because i didnt realise it wasnt allowed, i havnt done so since.

Pancake did state that i should take this further with someone in discord, but they arnt on the server list so i thought i’d just post it here for now.

I guess this thread is just a question,

Am i being unfairly targeted?

Is it my playstyle as mime that is against the rules?

As mime i do make a slight nuisance of myself and block doors with invis wall, occasionally i will put a vending machine in front of a door but never in front of actual important areas like medbay, i do often slip sec officers with soap and because im good i can usually get away in maint, if an officer pulls a baton and tries to hit me, if i have soap ill drop it slip them and then take the baton and run, not attack them with it. I assume that this is a normal playstyle for mime, similar to the clown who is always a minor nuisance not that the mime cant be played differently.

I guess this is an entreaty to the official devs, a lot of ss13 servers die because of poor moderation but in the end that’s just a server, im unsure if ss14 an entire game with a small but growing community can survive poor moderation, to be clear i am not asking for Pancake to be removed as moderator, im merely hoping this post will get you to consider guidelines for how admins communicate in game bwoinks, to an admin a slight mess up in accusations is just another monday. To a player, being accused of doing something against the rules can be a death sentence (perma ban).

Anyway ill just play on the unofficial servers for now until i get some sort of response, i have to admit my initial hope for this game has decreased greatly. SS14 is it’s own entire GAME not just another server on ss13, i guess i feel disappointed because you expect a more professional/rational/corporate response from official GAME admins and moderators which is not what happened today.

SS14 isn’t its own game, it’s an entire infrastructure of a game engine, a launcher, authentication and login system, and SS14. It’s a replacement for byond. At any time anyone can make an entirely different game using the robust toolbox game engine, single or multiplayer, and host it and have it on the hub. Or host their own space station 14 server. 

If you have a problem with an administrator (on the Wizard’s Den servers only), you can take it up with mirrorcult#9528 on the Discord. Admin abuse is taken *extremely* seriously, so only file something if you truly believe something is up.

Just took a day off and then played a round again, immediately meta grudged with made up bullshit by Pancake and i assume other mods or friends in game.

Dont even bother playing official if you catch an admins attention and they decide to powertrip.

For those who call bullshit, i was playing passenger, went to hop, asked for access to morgue and got the job called ghost whisperer mainly so i could go around telling people that the ghosts thought their moms were fat. walked into medbay, went to morgue, the detective and others were there so i was gonna make up some bullshit and flash my id for a bit of RP fun but the CMO, who was i assume pancake because they always use the name klon or clon, assaulted me with hypo spray, made me unconscious and then had the detective arrest me for trespassing, made up lies of previous trespasses which i hadn’t done, the detective dragged me out to prison and then sentenced me to 7 minutes, i told him the HoP had given me a job, he said tough shit, the HoS chimed in HoP was dead and deserved it although i dont think they were dead.

Anyway dont even bother, this moderation and admins reminds me of all those terrible ones on ss13 who spend all day in discord where if you arnt part of the small clique and you win against one of them or dont go along with their whims in game the whole clique will grudge you.

You can ban this account for the criticism, im gone and i imagine this game will die once the russians get bored.

this is extra funny because of


who was i assume pancake because they always use the name klon or clon

Clon is not a character Pancake has ever played. Munday plays Clon. you can even see it here in their admin application:

I was entertaining this until you said that pancake was clon, who is very definitely not pancake. Definitely think you’re seeing things that aren’t there.

If you have an actual admin complaint, please reach out to mirrorcult either here or over discord. Locking this.