(admin name:i dont remeber it was not listed under the reasson) Ben_Carlson Ban appeal

I hate making theese so much but hey 

SS14 account: Ben_Carlson
Byond account: Ben Carlson
Character name: Ben Carlson
When was the ban: my time zones time was 4.52 AM it was maybe 20 mins ago.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard US
Your side of the story:There was this bartender who shot me 2 times to crit almost killing me  the 1st time and the 2nd time. 1st time i was a clown and i did what clowns do was annoying so he shot me fair. the 2nd time i was listening to the musician and he just shot me.after talking to sec i went back told him that he is a r tard got a warning from the admin told him im sorry and told a bad joke.then he started asking for my age qhich i am not comfortable of saying so he said alright and boom perm ban “unfit for community prob underaged”

 Why you think you should be unbanned: that was the first time has talked to me and i have never had such problems before. i have made in game friends many people like me i have had alot of fun playing in this server.Im just really sad it came to this . I personally dont think i deserved this i have been in role made the experience fun for those who dont just kill you for no reasson 15 times and say it was funny.
Anything else we should know: idk what to put here really .i mean i have been funny made people laugh had alot of fun moments with other people and never have i thought i was unfit for the community id did not seem that way at all.
 i hope i will get unbanned and if  not hopefully i get a less longer ban not a perm. Have a nice day!

sorry for the bad grammar i dont speak english as my native language.



While you certainly shouldn’t have said what you said, the issue lies in the fact that instead of telling the admin who contacted you [Stealth16] that you were uncomfortable with discussing your age, you instead chose to make a joke at your own expense, which was not the best move to make at the time. 

I presume that because Stealth was questioning you about your age and your mannerisms/choice of words in regards to your in game conduct, you joking about your age prior to telling him you were uncomfortable lead him to feel like he was dealing with someone who was under the age limit we allow on our servers. You also left out the fact that you made said joke in your appeal. 

I will wait for another admin to weigh in before coming to a solid choice on what to do here.

Im sorry if it did not seem like i put it in the appeal but it was right after i told him im sorry in the same text. Also i have never joked or talked about my age. Just wanted to clear things up

i understand the admin why he would think that. the joke that i made in the appeal was indeed quite unfunny and bad.I did not take the time to consider if the joke was a good one to make. Thank you for replying!

Apologies for the delay on this.

Try to have a little bit more foresight in the future.

Appeal accepted.

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