[Admin Name Unknown] ss14 username: Tireless_steel (or something simular)

Tireless_steel (or something similar I have multiple accounts where I have forgotten the email but I’m the only real tireless_steel in existence

character name unknown I’m very forgetful 

wizards den lizards [us west]?

explanation: so I was waiting for the next round to start and a fun thing popped in my retarded head and I decided to claim I was 13 completely oblivious to the rules because I’m a dumbass, and I just wanted to see how people would treat me if they thought I was 13 and that didn’t really go well so here I am. I’m actually 17 and I have dyslexia, and retardism diagnosed by me

I believe i should be unbanned because I actually didn’t do anything wrong and was just being a retard :slight_smile:

also i am 17 @moony what makes you think not -_- I’m trying this again. please? :pray:

You’re definitely not 17.

Send a badmin proof over discord if you have any. Don’t bother appealing again for 3 years.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals