[ Admin Unsure ] SS14 username- Junglistunite Discord server ban appeal

Discord account: Junglistunite#2727
Commonly used names:   as above 
Banning admin:   not sure but admin Paul seems to be the one who deals with me 
Ban reason:    well when i got perma banned late last year i took my emotions too the discord and of course was swiftly banned for obvious reasons ie  being more salty than a portion of fish’n’chips       since then i have appealed and has been granted and is soon to be up and i would like to also ask for my ban to be lifted from the disc please.
When was the ban:   a couple of months or so ago now not quite sure when specifically 
Your side of the story:     i have explained my sorrows before in detail and feel its unnecessary to provide such a reasons as i have already had the ban reduced.

instead i would like to say something positive!     This is a game like no other that is for sure but its quite alot more than that too clearly as since not being in the populated moderated servers, instead playing with the Russians ( blayt )  occasionally a few other banned members in other servers like the new derpstation ( i wondered if this is a station of the banned if so thats actually poetic as its literal anarchy there )      ive come too realise its not just the game that is fun its the whole community that have a shared love for this content filled genius premise of a game so i just wanted to say i am very much looking forward to coming back and it goes without saying on my best behaviour :smiley:
Why you think you should be unbanned:    the discord is pretty vital as for reasons obvious so being allowed back i also assume this grants me refuge again to the space stations servos disco.   


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