[ Admin Unsure ] SS14 username- Junglistunite

SS14 account: junglistunite
Character name:  random name
When was the ban:   3/4 months ago
Server you were playing on when banned: us server mirros
Your side of the story:    i was banned for doing immature and dumb things to people in the game that were rude and not appropriate.   

i have been banned for a long time now and have had time to reflect on my behaviour and can say for certain that i have changed my frame of mind towards playing in a community of people as i am new to PC mass online type of games and playing with alot of players and i have seen the real error of my ways and would really like to be considered for a second chance. 
Why you think you should be unbanned:   i was stupid and giddy with mischievous immature things to do when playing and i can now understand that my idea of a joke may be the oposit for someone else and i have said many times i am sorry. 

Anything else we should know:     im just sorry for being a silly sausage i am a nice person really and i really want to play this game again it is miles better than any other game literally out there :frowning:


please let me have a second chance :frowning:

>  When was the ban:   3/4 months ago

You’ve been banned on the 9th of november, barely scratching the two month mark. That being said, I am lowering your ban to last two more weeks.

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