Aexxie - Marzie: Staff Complaints

Subject: Aexxie

Policies or Expectations Violated: Broke the “Don’t be a dick” rule. " or is at least on the verge of it. I did not expect an admin to do this and thought they were straight up some tider shitter until I learned they were an Admin.
Also additional complaint for the rule, “Do not immediately abandon your position” (sort of?)

Do you want this complaint to be made public after it is processed: Yes

Detailed Summary: The “don’t be a dick” part:
On the replay/game #54489, I semi-late joined as captain on Vulture about 8-9 min into the round. The admin broke into captains room a bit before I got there making themselves the captain. Which was fair, there was no command at the time and that was their reasoning for breaking in. They were also a traitor. However, this all became a problem when they wouldn’t give me my captain items back. The moment the one officer on the station turned their back the Admin decided to chase me down and then proceed to Gib me and EAT ALL of my organs. Brain and all. I was on the station for a whole 4-5 minutes and was reasonably the worst experience I’ve ever had and an Admin caused it of all people. I also want to point out I did in fact tell them in LOOC that gibbing me was a dick move and they also said don’t talk IC in LOOC like what??

Abandoning position:
They were a captain on East 2 (replay 54760), didn’t promote anyone to new captain (there was a HoP and other command), left their locker wide open, and then proceeded to go be captain on East 1 (replay 54762) [I also do have video proof that east 2 was still in that round and that they went over to east 1 if needed]. They basically abandoned this station altogether just to go be captain elsewhere.

Added complaint-pending, staff-complaint

Additional info: Don’t be a dick
They additionally pushed the round to last longer once or twice by recalling shuttle and acted as captain for the remainder of the round.

Abandoning position:
I don’t particularlly think they broke a rule here, I’m not sure, but it’s still not cool to really abandon one station in a command position to go do the same thing on another.

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Just want to make sure, was this in round 54489 or another round?

54489 yes

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Wanted to update this since it corresponds to their gibbing me and being a dick. On multiple instances they openly say they gib people just because they can and they’ve also even spammed OOC chat. They also seem to tell others to “gib them unless you trust they won’t be a piece of shit.” I honestly cannot believe an Admin would tell people to gib others. I’ve had a few of my friends also talk to me in Discord about Aexxie’s behavior. One told me that Aexxie spawned in money for cargo just so QM wouldn’t cryo. Another is saying Aexxie is after them constantly because Aexxie doesn’t like them. Which usually ends in my friend being gibbed in-round by them and felt like they’re being hunted when playing with them. I myself have started to avoid playing rounds with Aexxie even after that one shift I had with them. I just do not want to be gibbed by them as they’re the only person I’ve ever seen consistently gib people.

I’m not sure if at this point gibbing is just their favorite thing ever or if they’re actually just being a dick to people, but something has to change. Please.

Thank you for your complaint, it has been accepted.

Findings for “The “don’t be a dick” part”

  1. Aexxie is a trial admin.
  2. Aexxie was not adminning this round.
  3. The complaint was made before the rules were updated (June 6th), and as such will be handled using the previous set of rules.
  4. In round 54489, Aexxie was an antagonist. An antagonist can take steps unrelated to the specifics of their objectives to complete them.
  5. One of Aexxie’s objectives was to steal the Captain’s ID card.
  6. Aexxie states their intention was to impersonate the Captain.
  7. After reviewing the round and discussing with other headmins, it was determined that Aexxie’s actions were not against antagonist rules. Antags are given leeway to do antagonistic actions within reason.

Findings for ““Abandoning position” part”

  1. Aexxie played Captain during rounds #54760 and #54762.
  2. Aexxie joined as a Captain roundstart on round #54760, then left an hour later without aHelping.
  3. Aexxie then joined as a Captain roundstart on round #54762, died an hour later and left.
  4. After investigation, Aexxie was found to be minorly breaking a rule about abandoning roles (during round #54760), as Captain is a role that requires the player to aHelp if they need to leave. They did, however, inform command of their departure.

Findings for the “pro-gibbing” behavior

  1. After investigation, it was found that Aexxie was referring to antagonist’s gibbing behavior only.
  2. Gibbing non-targets is not against the old set of rules, within reason. The only rule referring to round removal is 12.Don’t be a dick, which doesn’t prohibit such actions.
  3. Gibbing non-targets is not against the new rules (6th of june) either, within reason.

Resulting Actions

  1. Aexxie was contacted about the complaint.
  2. Due to finding 7, no further action was taken for the “don’t be a dick” part.
  3. Due to finding 11, Aexxie was warned for leaving without informing aHelp as a role that requires it for the “Abandoning position” part.
  4. Due to findings 13 and 14, no warning was issued on the matter of gibbing.

Added complaint-accepted, privacy-public and removed complaint-pending

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