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Dude I don’t even know what to say, I believe this admin simply should’ve minded their own and im not alone on this. I was sec and got TC off syndie and bought a holoparasite, im like cool, this is awesome, we’ve got a SecParasite, went to go show up to bar and popped it out everybody’s like YoOOOOooOOO!!. It was great, good time. Then I had an unfortunate run-in with this Admin me nor my friend had ever seen before but afterwards was told by another friend in a discord we share that he had a very similar unfortunate run-in with the same individual Aexxie over something even more minor that was blown out of proportion by Aexxies attitude. So, Aexxie pops up and undeniably kills the entire vibe, deletes the holoparasite (poor dude, he was my homie) and acts like the holoparasite was going to kill everyone on the station and tries to scorn me about it, I’m not gonna take that kind’ve indirect mistreatment from somebody when I know the story in their head is false before given a chance to state mine (would like to mention this is light RP) so that’s where MY attitude came from, but to message me in the middle of the game with my friends and try to lecture me like a child because you don’t like the way I’m playing the game is borderline prepubescent, I mean its egregious. I’m not going to show someone respect who blatantly disrespected me and gave literally 0% opportunity to explain the situation before deleting the SecParasite off my body and deleting my friend as well. Just from my short and unfortunate run-in with this admin its apparent he has a certain mindset against people not playing the way he intends, which I feel is paramount to the issue in entirety on why I’ve been less inclined to play Leviathan and SS14 as a whole. 

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I’d also like to say, quite literally nowhere in the rules does it specify nor even come close to saying what I did was against the rules, and to be even clearer this trial admin broke the golden rule of plain out just being a dick. 

No laws and/or rules saying I can’t, holoparasite was my friend. Like seriously this is who you guys are letting trial admin for yall? SecParasite punches a terrorist n lets me handcuff him would be the coolest thing, but nah, this dude powertrips on how he thinks the game should be played and ban temp bans me for calling him out saying he felt disrespected and “not willing to listen” but deletes stuff off my character and rips someone unfairly out of their death role before even attempting to listen to me. 

  1. As there is no official space law on the low-roleplay servers, Security & Command act to maintain the safety of the station and its inhabitants, as well as Nanotrasen assets.

Sorry this took so long. Thank you for your complaint, it has been accepted.


  1. Aexxie is a trial admin
  2. The complainant was playing a security officer, and injected themselves with a holoparasite.
  3. Security officers are held to a higher standard than most crew. According to rule 19, Security officers should Uphold the Law & maintain order.
  4. A holoparasite is considered to be contraband, as it is found within a syndicate agent’s uplink; as such, it is an illegal weapon.
  5. Rule 23 is a list detailing actions that can get you role banned from a role. In the security tab, it states “Open use of contraband or syndicate equipment without very good reason” can get you a role ban.
  6. Aexxie had a valid reason to ahelp the complainant. However, Aexxie seemed to be keeping the escalation going rather than deescalating the ahelp.
  7. The complainant claimed Aexxie was “egotripping” and “abusing admin powers” in ahelp. It would be reasonable for an admin to ban someone over these kinds of messages for abuse of staff.
  8. The complainant received a two hour ban for being rude in ahelp, which heavily derives from the suggested length for bans of this kind. The usual length would be an appeal ban.
  9. The complainant received a role ban in accordance to our ban policy for using contraband as security.
  10. Aexxie was shown the ahelp a month prior as part of their training.

Resulting Actions

  1. Aexxie was made aware of the complaint.
  2. Due to finding 10, no further action was taken.

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