Agentfennec - Ban from around 1-2 months ago about Metafriending

Ban Reason: Metafriending + Pattern of using OOC code words to communicate IC Info

Length Of Ban: Appeal Only

Events leading to Ban: I am a Thief. The character of Hugs-The-Void which I pretty often was doing small gimmicky-stupid things with before the ban and had been for a while was also a Thief in this round. Hugs-The-Void hits me up with “Are you silly?” which was generally the way of saying “Can you do silly, stupid shit this shift?” with yes being the answer for “No, can’t.” Said yes since well- Can’t do silly, stupid shit as an antag like what would happen in an average shift. surprisingly, they also said yes, which is the first time EVER an event like this has happened (Traitors have codewords for example, Headrevs before removal can just flash someone) and we eventually realised we were both Thieves. Round happens, basically destroy most of security and have a holopara and a weapon module borg on our side at the end.

Reasons the ban should be removed: I have 3 reasons for this. It’s one of the reasons I waited so long to appeal actually, besides being burnt out. 1. - The player Behind Hugs-The-Void I actually didn’t interact with outside of the game ever, and I actually didn’t know much about them. Besides stupid, silly shit and an LOOC conversation every so often, most interactions between me and Hugs have been all IC. Friends isn’t debatable, but the Meta part is. Plus, I generally haven’t interacted with hugs since the ban besides two times before I stopped playing for a break on ss13. 2. - There wasn’t Ill-will or any attempt to get an advantage during the period this type of thing was happening. I didn’t even know this type of thing would give an advantage in anyway, as the reasoning was mostly benign in the fact to alert if silly, stupid shit could be done or not. There have been other Antag + Antag rounds, but they were all Traitor and done by codewords which was done earlier than the OOC codeword thingy to check. This event was literally the first time it gained any advantage for me due to knowing a thief I wouldn’t of known otherwise, as it was the only time anything similar has happened. In general, said code words had never given an advantage besides this event in a generally really long period , and were never supposed to. 3. - During my time off during my burn out I’ve been reflecting on a lot of behaviors I’ve done in ss14/ss13, not just this one. I know the codewords were wrong, and vow to not use them again. As well as some other shitty things I’ve done such as bad escalation and leaving 10-20 minutes into rounds sometimes, almost always as non-antag. I’m not gonna do it, I know they are wrong.

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to remove the ban.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • Unique situation
  • Sufficient time past in line with other appeals of this nature.

Appeal Accepted - Ban Removed.

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