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FriekandelKaaskroket - Finish Ahelp ban/discussion

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SS14 account username: FriekandelKaaskroket
Ban reason: Appeal to finish Ahelp
Date of ban: 18-5-2023
Length of ban: Undecided
Events leading to the ban: I played as Remilia and attacked a clown. The Chalpain did not order this. I attacked the clown out of own decision. My reasoning for this was: A bat with a worthy soul has his/hers opinions about clowns. The admin questioned my actions but i had to leave due to my grandparents visiting. I understand it was not wise to start a game while i knew my grandparents were visiting.
Reason the ban should be removed: I am A-ok with a 12/24 hour ban. I think its a minor offence. 

I hope my appeal was in the right format and understandable. This is my first time using SS14’s forums.


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