Aiding antagonists through fear RP

A player can aid an antag in minor ways to preserve their own life in cases where all of the following apply:

  • the antagonist makes a convincing threat to the player’s life,
  • the antagonist makes it clear that the player will not be harmed if they comply,
  • the action will not directly harm the player, and
  • all assistance stops once there is no credible threat to the player’s life, including situations where the player has had a reasonable opportunity to escape the threat.

Aiding Nuclear Operatives will only be considered an action that will directly harm the player once it becomes clear that it is unlikely that the crew will be able to stop the operatives from destroying the station.

This clarification does not address:

  • Major assistance, including providing the nuke disk, nuke, useful weapons, and ammunition.
  • A crewmember voluntarily creating a situation where an antagonist can threaten their life.