ajexrose - Shidestiny: Rude and Unfair Server Rule Enforcement


I contacted ajexrose during a Salamander round on 03/11 around 10PM EST in regard to SEC over policing cargo due to their sudden and unwarranted ransacking of cargo on the basis of their belief that cargo under my QM, was forming cargonia and buying weapons.

The issue with this is that cargo was NOT forming Cargonia nor buying weapons. I tried speaking with all 5 of the wardens and the captain and the HoP on this and none were responsive because they were VERY excited to swat cargo. Every cargo employee kept insisting they were not doing any cargonia activity or buying guns. When I realized Sec, the 5 warrdens, and the captain were not interested in listening I reached out to aHelp and ajexrose responded. They said they would look into it but did not. I decided to quit cargo. ajexrose said I HAD to work cargo and keep it running. At this point, I was pissed. So I let the cargo orders be reestablished and no crew made orders new orders. I let people have free access to the mats without argument. I cant force cargo techs to return to work if they feel wronged too. I asked for a strike and ajexrose said no so I didnt strike. I went to go cryo where ajexrose again said not to strike, I said I wasnt and was going to cryo. They then issued a 10k minute ban because I “formed cargonia and bought guns”. Neither were true.




Staff complaints can’t be made about active bans or bans which were not successfully appealed. Please use the Ban Appeals section if you’d like to appeal your ban. Feel free to open another complaint if you successfully appeal your ban, but don’t feel the situation is fully resolved by the appeal