SS14 account: AJFaas
Byond account: AJFaas
Character name: dont know, i did random name
When was the ban: spider i think, about an hour ago.
Your side of the story: i was accused of metacomming with the guy i was the guy i was holo of. i think it looked like metacomming because we didnt talk, but i was more or less just trying to break stuff and kill people when he summoned me, i figured thats what youre supposed to do as holo, this was my first time as holo.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe the ban was unfair because i wasnt metacomming. also i contributed to some fun events in the past like the clown cult and building a concert room that people had fun in.
Anything else we should know: nothing that hasnt been said already i think.

Mm. I see a couple of patterns here. You both have connected within 30 seconds of each other multiple times (not including server resets). You both uploaded your appeals within a few minutes of each other and you both pretty much said the exact same thing.

In our eyes you’ve failed to address the claims about the communication difference between the two holos. So we’re going to deny this.

Try again in a month.

Handled offsite. Re-appeal in one week.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals