Aleberto3, iron foam on one door of the shuttle (job ban)

SS14 account: aleberto3

Character name: Grandpa johnson

Type of Ban: job ban (scientist)

Date of Ban and Duration: yesterday (september 15) i dont know the duration

Reason for Ban: i have iron foamed one door of the evac shuttle, i dont know what the admins said on the reason

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards den lizard [US West]

Your side of the story: i have thrown an ironfoam grenade at one door of the shuttle, in the same moment someone released plasma fluid on the shuttle and a robot started a welder which caused a massive fire that killed a lot of people and no one escaped with the shuttle. i dont know who those people were, but i know that the next round admin banned me from being a scientist and killed me twice by setting me on fire.(i was cargo the next round)

Why you think you should be unbanned: i dont know how long the ban is, i didnt kill anyone ,the ironfoam blocked one door out of 4 and as i said i dont know the people that bombed the shuttle, i deserved the ban? probably but not a perma one(as i said i dont know if its perma). scientist is my favourite job for now i have 50 hours on ss14 and planning on doing more

Anything else we should know: i want to say again that the admins killed me by setting me on fire at the start of the next round.

Did you have any actual purpose to foam bomb a shuttle door closed in the first place?

i had never seen what ironfoam does and didnt though it was dangerous enough to be considered terrorism

So, naturally, you caused a reaction that you had no idea what it did on the most crowded space possible, the Emergency Shuttle, before it docked with central command, instead of testing it somewhere safe beforehand?

yes, i admit my error, it wont happen again for sure

Your role ban was handed out on the 15th, so its been two days at this time of writing. I think you already know that it was a foolish move to experiment with some kind of grenade or chemical reaction that you didn’t know what it did on the emergency shuttle, and I think you already had some idea about what it did, or you wouldn’t have waited until the shuttle hit the station to try and test it and cause massive collateral damage as a result.

We already have a bad enough problem with scientists doing nothing but making bombs all round and then testing them on the crew. You contributed to creating a very hazardous situation on the emergency shuttle as a result of you wanting to test things in a crowded area. Because of this, I am only reducing the duration of this role ban to two weeks from now.

I think there are a lot of other roles you can play right now that don’t involve producing bombs all round. Regardless of how many people your iron foam bomb didn’t kill, you still used it on the emergency shuttle in a crowded area. Also be aware that next time you are caught testing bombs on people or the evacuation shuttle as a non-antagonist, you probably won’t be let off with a role ban.

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