Alexxmaybe ban appeal for greytiding too hard


SS14 account: alexxmaybe
Character name: Gary Grungle, Dorthy Lafortune
Type of Ban: Job ban on passanger role
Date of Ban and Duration: around 12:03 est
Reason for Ban: there was no ban screen, but i was informed it was because i was greytiding (destroying shit and fighting people)
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I accidently saved passanger as the only job role i could spawn as and i decided to make the most of it by just being a dickhead and breaking shit the entire shift
Why you think you should be unbanned: i’ll cut down on the greytiding and maybe not destroy as much shit, and i think me being a greytide is extremely important because its fun and 

also is probably the only way i ever get traitor (other than nukie)

Anything else we should know: i won’t do it again

It has been a grand total of less than two hours since you’ve been passenger rolebanned, which is impressive. Being a passenger is not an excuse to be a nuisance greytider that breaks shit and is an asshole for no reason. There are plenty of other jobs you can play on the station with actual responsibility, you’re not being prevented from doing anything but using the grey role as an excuse to be a dick.

Appeal again in a week.

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