Almost one more year until i can play again!

you read that right folks! I’m nearly 15! ofc, i haven’t been exactly focusing on this, but i recently got terraria. PDA - Terraria Wiki. also, just to mention i played this game, when i was like, 8. i had over a hundred hours. i had not once managed to survive long enough to get to the underworld. now, 6 years later, i managed to get there with a total playtime of 7.8 hours. anywho, how’s the game goin? still alive? have we got surgery yet!

1 Like still got this bookmarked :sob:

i’ve been eating a lot of dirt lately
also yeah the game’s going good
newmed is closer than ever - just a week away

i dont get the dirt eating thing what have i M I S S E D

i just like eating dirt, is there a problem

The game is about to get his own colonial marines, now named RMC14 (Roblox Mine Craft 14)