Andytweaks - ban appeal

ban reason: Meta comms, self antag.

events: i had been playing on the server alone for a while, and then invited a friend to join me when this happened i decided to do more foolish things like trying to get a nuke (i genuinely believed that if i select an antag role i just automatically become an antag which i now know is wrong) to impress my friend and get him to continue playing with me and it just wasn’t worth it cause now i cant play until appealed.

reason for appeal: I’m a good player and usually contribute a lot to the station and I’m a good rper I shouldn’t have tried to do any of this it really was just to get a friend who usually hate rp games to have fun so he would keep playing with me, from now on if appealed ill just enjoy the game for myself and friends who actually want to play the game for what it is this is my first ban/warning or anything and it will not happen again casue i really dont want to lose this game, thanks for reading :slight_smile:

so ya i messed up big time and it wasn’t worth it just want to get back to the servers i love

Denied for messaging several staff members about the appeal. Feel free to make a new appeal in two weeks. 

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