ANormalLoser - Metacomms learning how to play

Ban reason: MetaComms

Length of ban: Permanent

Events leading to the ban: I had just installed SS14 with my friend bloodyskull54, he has played it more than me and said that he would show me how to play. I followed him around and he explained it in discord (he’s a very slow typist) Eventually after having somewhat explained engineering to me we both were banned. As he plays the game significantly more than me he appealed pretty much immediately and I did not.

Reason the ban should be removed: While I understand that metacomms is against the rules, considering i have 8 hours most of which was spent as grey tide (I believe) I still have barely any idea how to play the game and i dont want to have to watch tutorials. We weren’t using metacomms to get an advantage over other players, we weren’t using it to tell where each other were. We were just using it so that he could quickly tell me how the game works.

Please consider the appeal I’d still like to see more of the game.

Its been over a month since when i was banned and i forgot that i was cutting power lines, if i remembered that i wouldve probably led with that. I don’t plan on doing any sort of “sabotage”. Sorry for not putting that in the main post.

The Admin team has decided to accept this appeal.

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