Any Metal Fans Here?

My favourite band is Summoning but they’re album Minas Morgul is too big to select so here’s some Mayhem instead. What are your favourite metal albums? 

Here’s my top 3:

Summoning-Minas Morgul 


The Nefilim-Zoon ( I can’t find a full video of the album)

Mortiis- The Smell

of Rain


I’m always down to listen to new albums! I’ve attached Mayhem’s EP Deathcrush for anyone interested in joining the scene. Honestly, My favourite albums are quite a variety, Summoning’s being Black Metal, Zoon is industrial metal (I think) and Mortiis are gothic.

I’ll attach links to YouTube full albums for these, tell me if you enjoy them!

On 2/12/2022 at 2:28 PM, Big_Lucas07 said:

Summoning-Minas Morgul

This album is really cool holy shit

Ive been listening to summoning for a very long time. to new listeners i highly recommend. 
its surprising to see other people into that kind of Black metal, thought i was the only one, lmao.

I’d classify my genre as “Nerd metal”.


I listen to all sorts of metal, and id be happy to listen to some other recommendations.


Recently relapsed into tool and doom metal.