aparently i get banned because i was telling #retequizzle that its better if he actually warn me

alright so i talked about a midround thing right, he warned me verbally but i said i prefered a physical warn(like one you would get from overseer so the other mods can see your warns) right, then he gets mad and gives me a 1 week mute, which is fine but then after a tiny bit i get banned with no explanation???

i just realised theres a template far in the section requirements, but ive already posted one anyway…

Hey there. Apologies for the slow response time on this. I’m trying to look into the situation but I’m having trouble finding your Discord account and by proxy the context. Are you able to properly format this or at least give me your username?

I was able to locate the context, the rest of this complaint is assuming you are notrealgrah on Discord.
It has been chosen to reject this complaint, see the last finding for the reason.

1- On the third of December you posted the following messages in relation to an on-going round, “FUCKING REVS HAVE CLONING ON LIZARD”, “AT CARGO”.
2- Retequizzle deleted the above messages due to them breaking the rules.
3- Retequizzle gave you a verbal warning to stop without any proper moderation action.
4- You began to retort back, asking that they properly warn you.
5- After a brief exchange Retequizzle gave you a seven day timeout as a form of warning.
6- Once you were timed out you went to Retequizzle’s direct messages and attempted to resume your exchange there.
7- You sent the following message, “still no warning? :skull:” Retequizzle did not respond.
8- Retequizzle banned you for, “repeatedly asking for a warning after just being told to stop posting about ongoing rounds, even going so far as to DM asking for a warning after being timed out for arguing about being given a slap on the wrist. now you don’t have to worry about warnings.”
9- Retequizzle is not found at fault due to your repeated escalation and mild antagonization when they had given you two appropriate warnings for you to stop.

Resulting Actions;
A- Retequizzle was informed of the situation and asked to provide screenshots of their direct messages with you. Leading to finding 7.