Apology and ban appeal

SS14 account: CornCobbler

Character name: Scot Harlen i think

Type of Ban: command ban

Date of Ban and Duration: nov 14 - 16 

Reason for Ban: being a fucking asshole and improper use of command roles

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: half of the story and the part i care less about is me being a dick on command roles. I have no excuse for this. I was a shitty person using the roles improperly. The part im most concerned about is how i acted to staff. Im not going to defend myself alot, the only defense i will give is i have had problems with admins in the past witch lead to a general dislike  to all admins, and major to minor anger issues, but I know that doesnt mean shit and i was still generally a crappy person in all interactions with admins. I yet again have no defense for this, and simply want to say i am truly sorry. Those moments weren’t my best, and I should have never acted like that. This extends to the admins which I have been quite rude to, as I am wholeheartedly sorry. 

Why you think you should be unbanned: My ban was 100% responsible and I see that. I shouldnt of locked people in boxes because of “boredom”, or taken a few items out of armory, or something else that i forgot at this point. I don’t expect this to be accepted in any way, and I know my actions are inexcusable, but I am truly sorry for my behavior and simply want to move on. Also its my first ban from anything if that adds anything relevant, witch it shouldn’t.

Anything else we should know: No, other than im sorry.


This appeal is denied and you may make another appeal no sooner than one month from now (December 18) with the stipulation that you have had consistent playtime and no additional warnings or gamebans.

It is not December 18th yet.

Just going to notify you that according to your connection log, you have not had any playtime since your previous appeal and this appeal would be denied even if it were December 18 due to the fact that you haven’t played.

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