Appeal Ban Doors

Account: TheRed

Character: Dink Spinkerton

Server: Lizard

Time/Date: 11/11/2022

Reason: Listed in Screenshot (requires some explanation)

My Side of The Story: 

I began the round as a greytide with the intent to make a hallway of doors. I recently learned how to take em apart and put them back together so i figured a long hall would be entertaining. What I didn’t account for was the fact that the doors (which after being built by me) would kill people. I will provide the steps i used to build the doors (its important information for my case here). 

  1. Anchor door into position

  2. Add Lv cable x5

  3. Add Door control

  4. Screwdriver door

These steps are the ones I used to place the 4x3 hallway of doors and nothing more. If possible i’d encourage watching the process be done if there is a way to look back at previous gameplay. 

I mention these steps i took because i wasn’t the on who tampered with the wires that wound up causing the deaths. If im being honest i never knew they could be disabled like that and have that kind of effect.

While i was working on the doors, an engineer (who during the round had commented on my doors and even saluted me after being put into door hell) had opened the door controls and cut 2 wires in each door. I saw him do this though i figured he was cutting power for dismantling. After this engineer had cut these wires, the doors started causing the problems I got banned for. 

I would like to emphasize that me putting those doors in the hallway was done as a gag and was not intended to hurt anybody. It wasn’t until the engi who had been watching me do this, that the doors started causing problems for people. This said, after i got revived (due to dyeing to my own doors) i did dismantle them with the help of another guy as i realized there was a problem. 

I 100% had the intent to build these doors but had no intent (or any idea) that they could be tampered with in such a way that they could kill people. 

I’m willing to accept punishment for however long is necessary but I want you to understand that this being my third time banned, I’ve already to understood the extent of what I can and can’t do with these kind of gags. I know I’m not allowed to kill other passengers unless I’m antag. This is a major reason why I helped dismantle the doors in the first place. 

Other Information:

If possible, I would appreciate it if the match could be looked at again so you’d see that I didn’t cut any wires or tamper with the doors in a way that could kill people. Otherwise, there’s not much i can really say or do about this situation. 

Thanks for understanding 


Space Station 14 11112022 121731 AM.png

Don’t know if this’ll be useful, but i did take a quick vid after seeing the doors go nuts, the engi standing next to me was the guy who messed with the wires. Thanks again y’all. 

Barring going through and addressing each issue point by point, you make multiple attempts to point out that it was someone else who did it but at no point are you able to provide a name, even in the video you submitted to demonstrate what actually happened.

Let us assume any one of us is to believe you are innocent insofar as you knowingly sabotaging the doors to make a human mulcher. We’re still searching for a literal needle in a haystack of information here for what actually happened. To that end, you’re also still complicit for building the structures in the first place that led to this occurring, so you’d still be held responsible on that front.

I’ll let another admin address the actual content of the appeal, but if you’re going to ask us to believe you in saying “it wasn’t me, it was someone else”, the least you could do is provide more information about who that someone else is or anything substantiating that claim other than a 12 second clip with literally no indication of who that person is other than an engineer.

I gotchu mate. Thats an understandable point. I wish I could provide more info aside from that but I’m currently stumped on how I could pull up their name.

Only thing I can go off of is a few interactions ive had with them in the round. Which are mostly just ones that involved him saying he thought it was funny and him saluting my corpse. 

Either or, I appreciate the feedback.

We spoke with the admin who oversaw the situation and after reviewing the logs, here’s the breakdown:

Despite me strongly believing you had more to do with this than what is alleged, I’m going to overlook that and go with what we can prove based on your own admittance - that you did indeed build the doors that ended up crushing multiple players. Whether you did tamper with the doors or not is not going to be factored into the appeal decision.

We do not believe that you are someone who griefs for the sake of griefing, or else your ban history would have picked up much sooner than it did (3 bans in the span of a month, while you’ve been an active player since May). While the recent uptick is concerning, we’re going to give you one more chance within the community.

This appeal is accepted and your ban has been lifted. Bear in mind that even though the appeal is accepted, you are still on very thin ice.

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