Appeal ban

Ban reason: I banned for using N-word
Length of ban: An appeal ban if non of the admins appeal it is forever
Events leading to the ban: First of alll, I don’t want to lie ı am not new in this game ı know how things work.This is my mistake that ı didn’t read the rules. I played like 150 hours in these offical servers. I was choosen as an syndicate agent that has classical missions like stoling the hypospray and other missions. I was an paramedic and other syndicate guy was chemist. We were started to going on maints and talked about what is our plan to kill CMO and my chemist friend had an Holoparasite. When he revealed his holoparasite at the same time somehow a medical doctor entered the middle of our conversation. Then my syndie fellow friend chem guy is arrested then he showed me as syndie. I somehow managed to escape in box to the maints then ı started to be waiting like 10 min for being not remembered or suspicious anymore. When get back from the maints a cadet found me and tried to stun me then ı bought a laser sword for killing him then cap stopped me. After all of that ı don’t know why ı was so angry to that medical doctor. Then said the N-word. I am not a racist guy or a trash talker. I was just angry. I am sorry for that violation of second rule. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I’ve been playing this game on this server from the start of my journey. I am so sorry for that happened. I really want to being able to play in these offical servers again. I spended my all hours on that servers. So ı just don’t want to dump it all for a stupid rage. 

Appeal accepted, please take some time to reread the rules. 

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