Appeal for two minors warns

I think this warning wasn’t fair because it was my first/second time playing Chaplain, I didn’t know it was an emag or anything, a syindie came and gave me a necronomicon, I just used it without knowing it was a Sindie Item. They gave me a warn because someone gave me an item.
I’ve been using the name Pepe Cacio for quite some time now and I don’t really see what the problem is, it’s a pretty normal Hispanic name.

These are two separate instances, please make a complaint for each if you’d like to contest them.

This complaint is procedurally rejected. Neither complaint contained within was fully investigated, and each may be brought in their own complaint for investigation.

Some notes for if you do decide to make new complaints for each:

  • Notes are often used as a record of admin contacts. When used as a record, they are unlikely to be removed unless they are inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate as a record of the contact.
  • The name note implies that the name you were warned for was just “pepe”, not “Pepe Cacio”