Appeal for unban

_ SS14 account: _ Odimiz

_ Character name: _ Stan Bernstien

_ When was the ban: 5 pm  central time _

_ Server you were playing on when banned:  _US West Wizard’s Den Lizard

_ Your side of the story: _ Well I wanted to become a traitor during the “traitor among us game mode” I wasn’t exactly sure how, and I did the first thing that pops in my head and that was randoming choosing a victim and killing him and her basically rdm, when an admin was asking me what I was doing, I simply left out of fear, hoping that i was left off with a warning, instead I was given a perma ban

_ Why you think you should be unbanned: _ I promise I won’t go rdming people or searching around for a victim and I’ll ask next time on how to become a traitor during the game mode.

_ Anything else we should know: Please, am still new to the game, and i was hoping that can come back as soon as possible. _


Who is DEN123?

I dont know

wait now I remember it was another username i made for logging after i got ban on the first one 

The problem is that you’ve essentially just doubled the amount of reasons we have to ban you. Why didn’t you try to make an appeal on the forums before trying to evade your bam?

I thought it would be alot quicker, and it was the first thing that pop in my head. All I can say is that I really enjoy the game and well when I saw that perma ban, next thing I was thinking of trying get back in quickly was making another account.

The first thing that comes to your mind is break another perma-bannable rule? I will unban but I expect you to actually read the rules this time, press F1. And also, traitors are chosen randomly, you have to enable it in the preference tab. When you get traitor, you’ll see a message of your codewords in chat, and pressing C brings up your objectives.

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