April_21_1930- Clown on the Fax

Ban reason: Sending a vague ERP fax saying “piss yourself” after being warned not to send erp faxes
Length of ban: Indefinite
Events leading to the ban: When playing as clown, one of my go-to bits is sending funny faxes. Both the warning and the cause of ban will be linked below.

Ban fax: 

 Warning fax:
Reason the ban should be removed: The warning of the first fax was fair, and happened about a month before the ban. However, the ban for the “piss yourself” fax is one hell of a stretch, even if the banning admin views pissing themself as erotic.

Admin consensus is to lift this ban and replace it with a ban of three days from this point. 

As the admin that orignially warned you about faxes of potentially ERP nature image.png

This is something I myself would have considered to be in violation of that previous warning. 
Do remember, We have minors in the game and there are many things that could be taken out of context from the faxes you sent. 

Appeal accepted. You ban will expire in three days.

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