Are you kidding me

SS14 account: Greggo
Character name: Zyn Dangel
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 48 Hours
Reason for Ban: Emoting “shits pants” when passing out from narcolepsy, get some taste, nobody thinks that’s funny.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: This is possibly the dumbest excuse for a two day ban in existence. I did absolutely nothing to interfere with anyone else’s gaming experience nor did I break a single rule of the server. I kept in character the entire time and used it as a way to RP and have a laugh. I dont give a damn who thinks its funny, I did, and I did it IN CHARACTER. Its not a trait so I made it part of my character. Jesus its LRP, you mods/ admins/ developers should know this game is ridiculous at the very core and not take someone’s RP into your own hands. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: Fucking warn me next time instead of BANNING me for two days. I broke 0 rules and was playing on a LRP server doing my own thing. This ban was completely unfair and doesnt remotely fall under the category of spamming. The ban reasoning makes it sound like I was banned for being unfunny. Like are you that bored moderating the game?

Anything else we should know: 
appeal, include it here.

TLDR; Broke no rules, warn me next time you think my character development is unfunny so you want to ban me for it.




yeah man your character is hilarious and adds a lot to the experience of other players
this was brought to our attention by other players who did not find your characterization as high IQ as you seem to have found it


are you serious or is this appeal a shitpost

Terrific dude, then warn me that I’m breaking a rule that was just invented out of thin air, and while you’re insulting my IQ you can also look at the shit that I did for the station in the last 8 rounds I’ve played while doing that. It was not random it was literally a character. I will reiterate that I don’t even remotely care about what other people think in this game. If I was breaking a rule and leaving character to the standard of LRP or MRP I would have accepted a warning.

Also, first post badge hype.

I never thought I’d have to tell someone that repeatedly shitting your pants is not good RP, even on LRP, especially not on MRP.

Denied. Grow up.

Like look at how deep the character development is, I was writing poetry based off of the affliction on a paper, And yes the entire thing was a shitpost in this shitpost of a game where there are dragons and penguins that explode.

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