Atmos/Engineering Design Pillars TLDR

Design Pillars for atmos and engineering where discussed in the discord work group channels. The core pillars where already present previously while the atmos/engi specific pillars are new. Here are the pillars we’ve come up with so far:

Core Pillars

  • Chaotic (No two rounds play alike, rapid changes in gameplay intensity)
  • Seriously Silly (Silly situations that are serious to players)
  • Dynamic Environment (See that wall, you can deconstruct it)
  • Intuitive and Inter-Connected Simulation (Engaging simulation that is complex enough to create fun interactions but doesn’t require a PHD or second-screen wiki)
  • Player Interaction/Agency (Players should be able to exert meaningful influence over the round no matter their role)

Atmos/Engi Specific Pillars

  • Problem solving not checklists
  • An engineer never sleeps (There is always something to do)

It was also mentioned that systems should be designed in a way so they don’t just fill the gameplay with tedious tasks like “Go slap pipe XY with a welder to repair it every 10 minutes”

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