Aw, no murder sprees?

So, it seems there’s been an update to the rules saying that antags are not supposed go on murder sprees. Maybe I’m mistaken, but from what I recall, traitors were free to ignore their goals and be creative in their shenanigans. What’s changed?

They still are allowed to do that.
Gunning everyone down mindlessly isn’t creativity.


On 12/18/2021 at 11:11 PM, Del said:


You scare me

Just got an idea for a antag role - they arrive on the station with minimum equipment, but everytime they kill someone they get stronger… but every few kills they will make a noise that people near them can hear, so they have to keep moving and thinking quick.

Maybe vampires are kinda sorta what you’re thinking of.

Their own activity denounces them, I guess.

ah ok