Ayou331 - Failed to connect to server: connection denied: you or another user of this computer or connection are banned from playing here

Username: ayou331

Ban reason: Failed to connect to server: connection denied: you or another user of this computer or connection are banned from playing here
Length of ban: Permanent
Ban Issue:
The ban is fair, but I would like a second chance or reduction

Vote Opt-Out: true

Events leading to the ban

So I joined on wizden vulture and chose Atmos I uh used the tools I had to break into armory and stole a shotgun ammo and reflective vest after that I went back to Atmos and accidentally dropped the shotgun when I changed back to the Atmos suit because the Rd asked me to get him a plasma canister cap saw the shotgun took it and asked an officer to arrest me, he did then put me in prison I escaped like 4 times then they put me in Perma I broke the Perma glass then the nukies freed me from perma but I died due to pressure.

Reason the ban should be removed

First of all, I want to apologize for my actions, I never realized how much my actions affected other players and ruined their shift, I never wanted to make other players experience hell, I know I may not deserve a second chance due to my actions but if I did get another chance I promise to never let my actions ruin other players fun ever again I have learnt my lesson, I apologize for all the trouble I caused and thank you for your time

Alternate Accounts

I don’t have other accounts

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to issue a voucher requirement for further appeals.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • Prove sincerity with voucher.
  • No real improvement.
  • Multiple self antag bans.

You may appeal your ban, but only at least 6 months after your last ban, and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

A voucher of good behavior should be obtained from a well-known or decently active SS13/SS14 server. If it is a mainstream server, we recommend using that server’s admin-help to ask for a voucher from one of the administrators explaining that you are trying to appeal a ban on SS14’s Wizard’s Den and want to show you have been a problem-free player during your playtime on the server. A voucher should be indicative of at least a few months of play. If the voucher is not from a mainstream server, let us know and we will figure out a way to verify it.

Appeal Denied - Voucher must be provided on any future re-appeal.

Added appeal-rejected and removed appeal-pending

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