Azazelek - "Trying to evade ban"

Ban reason: changing account trying to evade ban
Length of ban: appeal
Events leading to the ban: I logged into friend’s account that had appeal ban (masterszift to be exact) to see if ban got removed cuz he send me this and asked if he got unbaned (we didint know what that meaned ((we are dumb and dont know english that much))

Reason the ban should be removed: i just checked if he got unbaned cuz he couldnt then, and ban on my account should be removed, his should stay until he appeal to it

i even did some bomb attacks with him at the same time


Hello. We have determined that you are indeed not an alt of masterszift and that you did actually log into their account from your device. As such the ban will be downgraded to one of multi-keying since we prohibit account sharing. The main reason this appeal was not accepted is because the admin team currently cannot be sure that you won’t use your device or account to help masterszift evade their ban. You may appeal again in 2 weeks, you do not need a voucher of good behavior. Your appeal stands a much greater chance of being accepted in the future if masterszift successfully appeals their ban.

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