Ban abbeal 2 electric boogaloo

SS14 account username: FatSasquatch
Ban reason: self antag
Date of ban: june 25th 2023
Length of ban: 1 week and 2 week command ban
Events leading to the ban: an engineer of mine as CE (me), complained about chocolate in emergency toolboxes and nanotrasens racism/discrimination towards lizards, they got every lizard head to stamp the paper and then faxxed it and nanotrasen sent back 2 nukie plushies and a nuke toy as a response (which was very funny) but my character interpreted this as ignoring the problem and admitting guilt by nanotrasen, so i complained on announcements which the cap didnt like and then demoted me. at this point i was like fuck nanotrasen i hate nanotrasen and all heads who side with captain and nanotrasen are bootlickers i love syndicates now. yadda yadda nothing interesting happening for a while, then i saw captain and some sec offs chasing an escapee, cap slipped, i saw an opportunity to spite them since i hated them now, and stole their gun. at this point i had no clue what to do as i was running away from security and captain so i just threw it into space which i immediately knew was a bad idea since its a syndie objective. i get arrested and taken to prison. i then try to escape through disposals after a long and awkward fight between me and 2 sec officers. i succeed and am now trapped in disposals since i have no ID. there was an SSD janitor in there however so i did the only thing i couldve done and taken his ID to escape. i then impersonated them for the rest of the shift (which was only a couple mins since shuttle was called before i even escaped). i basically hid in maints the whole time, found some dead bodies in a locker, the syndie that put em there, took their clothes, i couldnt report them since i was a fugitive and when shuttle was called i successfully escaped.
Reason the ban should be removed: idk, i definitely did self antag and i was iffy about the whole thing the whole time, but i figured since i had an RP reason to do it, i continued and thought itd be ok, but i guess it wasnt. i was a dick too apparently, dunno how, maybe im oblivious. only thing i know for sure i shouldnt have done was toss caps gun away, that was definitely not ok. anyways i got a 1 week ban for this which some would say is fair, i personally dont think so but im obviously biased. i think the fact i was a head role partly justifies the length? that and my history and notes and recent ban probably. admins know more than i do. speaking of, it doesnt seem much consideration is taken into account when bans are given. its a very on the spot thing it seems and also seems very prone to bias and emotions since its just 1 admin giving it out at the time with seemingly no permission or collaboration from others. i may be speaking absolute bullshit rn since im not an admin and dont fully understand how it works, but i know others have complained about the same thing. space law seems to be more formal than banning in this game lol. but if i have no clue what im talking about then please forgive me, i am just expressing my feelings to the system as i understand it. 

Hi. There are a bunch of factors that go into this ban and why this appeal is getting denied. The principal factor is this gem in the SS14 discord that you posted of your own volition, the context of you discussing the events leading up to your ban:

This alone very nearly made us compound your ban length. You obviously had some inkling that what you were doing was not appropriate and proceeded to continue with it anyways. The other factors that play into this are:

  • Roleplaying that you hate your governing body as a head of staff and using that as a vehicle to sabotage the station’s efforts - this is about as good of an excuse as “roleplaying a murderer”
  • Blatantly self-antagonizing, especially as a head of staff, by being a major annoyance/disruption to the crew. 
  • Realizing, by your own admittance, what you were doing was considered self-antagonism

Even if you were not a head of staff, your behavior would still be extremely problematic for everyone for no valid purpose besides a reason you invented on the spot and because of:

  • At minimum five prior notes this month alone for antagonistic behavior
  • Another four notes in May for various offenses
  • A prior ban on the 16th of this month for sabotaging security’s power for very frivolous reasons

You are, at minimum, a problematic player to state it generously. This is your second ban stacked up against an excessive number of warnings for generally problematic behavior. Your next temporary ban is highly likely to be appeal only or measured in months if not. We will not be accepting this appeal. You can wait it out.

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