Ban abbeal

Ban reason: metacomming 
Length of ban: appeal
Events leading to the ban: got angry cuz i died to self antagger, complained on the discord
Reason the ban should be removed: its been 2 weeks already. i learned my lesson the day it happened but ive patiently waited 2 weeks just to make admins happy, and my behaviour has been good since my last unban anyways, so i dont need to change in that regard. im also banned from the discord which idc, i cant repeat the same mistake so thats not a concern at all. ill also apologize for acting so irrationally and immature to you admins. this whole ban thing was outrageous anyways, being banned 2 times for self antagging, fixing that behaviour, then being banned for even LONGER after that for doing something completely unrelated to the previous bans and then having the previous bans used as reason for your ban. space law is more coherent. 

because of this ban i got addicted to vermintide 2 again so thats cool, very good game i recommend it. ill also read the rules again since its been so long since (last ive seen my son lost to this monster the man behind the slaughter) ive played the game

We’re not particularly interested in having you around given your last “appeal”.

Appeal again in a month.

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