Ban Apeal atempt round 2

Character name: William Death

Server name: Wizards Den Lizard

During this time I have recollected on what should I have done I realize I may not be fit to be the head of the station which I really don’t care about as much it was stressful how ever I would like to play simpler roles I understand what I did as such I want to sign down from being cap and hop and most of command. I wish to be able to play on those servers as I devote time to this game and I just want to be able to play out of my 300 hours I found connection with this game I would appreciate it if I was allowed to play it and I understand what I did wrong I just ask for a chance to play the departments not the heads since those were way more fun. I understand if I am not allowed to and I get why I was banned but, if possible reconsider your choice in banning me.

Follow the template fully and not just halfway if you want this considered at all.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals