BAN APPAEL (vovards) (N-word usage) REVİSED x2

SS14 account: vovards
character name: corey taylor
Type of ban: game ban
Date of ban and duration: almost 3 weeks now pema-ban
Reason for ban:  n-word usage
server you were playing on when banned: wizard den lizard (us west)
your side of story: i really want to hang my self because of my brainless moves. İm scaring to get ban at forums to cuz its my 3 rd appael. İ already wrote my side of history lets wrote it again. İ know you guys want to keep your community clean. You guys have right to ban me i understand. ss14 is so underrated game and game dont have much players so you want to keep the community clean. i just feel so bad to making you guys look bad.İm really really nice guy but cant prove it.All i want is another LAST chance.İ just can say it wont happen again.Already told me about 0-tolerance but i was really enjoyed when i played the game.İt has really good community and admins :).writing the history was 5 am in my country.i was trying to keep my sleeping times normal.So you can understand i was sleepy.And i can do 2 iq moves when im sleepy.i got my lesson for that.and randomly i just wrote was all my mistake and i didnt wrote that word to anyone.i want you guys to trust me ONE LAST TİME.thats my first ban and its perma.that is really hard.İ really get my lessons in 3 really sorry.that all i can do is apologize and want another chance.İf my appael will be accepted i can celebrate that for guys can keep an eye on me.and i wont play the game at late hour again :).at least you guys can ban me for 1 more week  it will make 1 month.i really got my lesson.
Why do you thing you should be unbanned: i really like the community and the enjoyed it.i have 50 hours at game. after 50 hours i make a mistake and i get that.3 rd time i got my lesson and it wont happen again.And station needs a doc right? :slight_smile:
Anything else we should know: i didnt wrote that word to anyone i just wrote it.But it still a bad thing so changes nothing i just want to be back :frowning:

sorry if i write something wrong cuz my english is not that good. 

thanks for reading this appael i hope good things will happen.

Given the behavior in the last 2 appeals and severity of the offense I will be denying this. You may re-appeal in 6 months only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.

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