BAN APPAEL (vovards) (N-word usage) REVİSED

SS14 account: vovards
Character name: corey taylor
Type of Ban:  game ban
Date of Ban and Duration:  1 week ago, Perma-ban
Reason for Ban:  N-word usage
Server you were playing on when banned: wizard den lizard (us west)
Your side of the story: First of all i really dont care about color of skin. people=peope simple is that.So im not a poor racist. when this thing happened it was 4 or 5 am in my country.So i was very sleepy.And i make something 2 iq move. .i was gonna do some racist move make my character black and svear some other dudes but i am not kind of these people.Really sorry for what have i done.All of that thing on me everything is my bad… İ understand why i got banned.İf someone i dont know him wrote that racist word i would ban him too. Whatever let me tell you what happened. saying again i was very sleepy.My brain cells is almost dead.and i was just walking around.Just using (W A S D) to walk around nothing more. so i saw 2 guys carrying something and i did that 2 iq move right there. i just wrote nugger and walk away.thought it will be fine i didnt think about it so much.thats why im calling myself 2 iq.İts really short story but cause me perma ban and i understand that.And saying it again please read this appael with thinking this (i really dont care about color of skin. people=peope)
İ got banned cuz racist move but im not really one of them :frowning: sad
Why you think you should be unbanned: i think i get my lesson in 1 week so i hope you guys will forgive me and it wont happen again.

Anything else we should know:All you guys just should know,all things is on me.Saying it for last time im not a pathetic racist i dont care about color.


i hope admins dont say anthing for 2 iq and pathetic words


Hi vovards,

This appeal has been denied.

We do not tolerate such behavior in the slightest, and we consider it a zero-tolerance offence.

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