BAN APPAEL (vovards) (N-word usage)?

SS14 account: vovards
Character name: corey taylor
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 2 days ago, perma-ban
Reason for Ban:N-word usage???
Server you were playing on when banned: wizard den lizard (us west)
Your side of the story:im not gonna write it long cuz its really misunderstanding.well 2 days ago i didnt sleep well so im kinda retarded that day.I was just walking around and litterally i wrote nUgger not the N-word at all.And im not a poor racist or was my retard time so it wont happen again. 
Why you think you should be unbanned:i miss the game and players… especially Thatcher grey…she is the best chem in the game btw.and i like spending time in game i have 50 hours in game.
Anything else we should know:you guys should know that it was litterally my retard time,im not a poor racist (im brown skined btw (dark brown):=)

And i wrote nugger. Didnt mean that word.My keyboard is not english so key places is different i did not tried to write that word that was just misunderstanding.

thanks for your time:)



Firstly, color of your skin doesn’t matter, the word is just blacklisted as a whole regardless of skin tone or country of origin. And slurs being one letter off still count. 

Secondly, I would highly suggest that when you make an appeal about using a slur, that you don’t use other slurs as well. Retard is one that you have definitely been warned before, used it since being warned, and used it 3 times in this appeal alone.

I am going to close this appeal, re-appeal in a few days and explain why you think it is okay to use words that you have been explicitly told not to use. As well as explain the initial ban.

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