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SS14 account: Restless_Samuel
Character name:  Ash Radley, or Dane Tennant (one of those, I think, if not then my other char.: Arthur Schrader) I am not entirely sure, I do not remember exactly.
Type of Ban: Game Ban (ban appeal only)
Date of Ban and Duration:  Well I have not been on yesterday much, if at all, not today either, as I am banned. But Friday/30.9. 2022 I was definitely on (today is Sunday).
Reason for Ban:  “Poisoning drinks and injecting/spiking crewmembers during extended. This is your third strike, appeal on our forums: link
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard
Your side of the story: Well, honestly there is not much to say. I… just wanted to have some fun I guess, found it funny. I also think that it was extended instead of secret, but I am not sure, as I said I “think”. But either way I was not an antagonist. Truly, there is not much I can justify myself with. I took it lightly that others had their fun ruined because of me, which wasn’t really nice or fair of me. All in all, I have not much to say in regards to my side of the story, but to confess. I confess that, yes I did make poison/toxin, yes I did inject it into crew members/players, yes I did put it into food and drinks, yes I did get arrested (had to leave before punishment was received, so yeah), yes I did lie to crew members about not spiking the food. That is all my confessions, and all are true. I spoke truth, and nothing but truth.
Why you think you should be unbanned:  As much as I ruined the game for others by doing what I did before I got banned this time, and another time in the past, I am also capable of playing normally. Normally in the sense that I just do my job as others do, play the game, not causing trouble. Though I will have to get used to it, I won’t do it again (if I happen to get unbanned), because I know that I won’t be able to turn back if I do this again. I know, I am aware that if you let this one slide, have me play, and I betray your trust, I will get permanently banned, and I don’t want that, here I still have the chance to appeal, so. I don’t know what I can bring if I get unbanned that others don’t have, but I know that I will not repeat my actions to ruin the game for other people, because not only do I ruin it for them, I also ruin it for myself, just like I did now. I do think this ban was fair and justified, there is nothing I can say to deny that, because even I am aware of what I did, and that I am completely in the wrong. 
Anything else we should know:  If I do happen to be forgiven, thank you and I will give it my all to not repeat what I did this time around, and in the past, but these may just be empty words to you, but it will always be my actions that show whether I lied or spoke the truth… If I won’t be forgiven for a while, if at all, I can’t say I won’t be sad, upset, mad, but I did this to myself and there is nothing I can do about it, but appeal again after a while, or never be forgiven and never appeal again. I just wish to say that I am sorry, that is all. Thank you for reading this, and I wish you a happy rest of the day. 

Attachment is taken from the Salamander, because Lizard was full, and it was not showing the ban message, so I went to Salamander to take the picture.

P.S. My brother also plays SS14 and loves playing on Wizard’s Den Lizard, so if I was IP banned, he might be as well. Last time this happened, he was very mad at me, so if I will continue to be banned, I want to ask for a favor, and that is to just keep me banned, and not him. Thank you, again. (edit: he just gave me confirmation that he is not banned, but yeah)

Your brother should be able to still play.

41 minutes ago, Stealth16 said:

Your brother should be able to still play.

yeah he confirmed it with me, so we’re good on that. ummm also, i will receive a reply such as “yes” or “no” or something like that right? or if its been declined, will i not receive any reply within a certain time? 

3 minutes ago, Restless_Samuel said:

yeah he confirmed it with me, so we’re good on that. ummm also, i will receive a reply such as “yes” or “no” or something like that right? or if its been declined, will i not receive any reply within a certain time? 

right i just checked a different ban appeal, it’ll be something like this, no?


You will be notified when we reach a decision, and the appeal will be moved to the closed or accepted categories depending on whether we deny or accept it respectively.

Please stop making your appeal a pain in the ass to read by adding random colors to it

13 hours ago, mirrorcult said:

Please stop making your appeal a pain in the ass to read by adding random colors to it

i will remove them though, but i felt it would be important, but if it is as bothersome as you say, sure i will go ahead and do it.

1 minute ago, Restless_Samuel said:

i will remove them though, but i felt it would be important, but if it is as bothersome as you say, sure i will go ahead and do it.

i can’t find the edit button, i think editing once was the limit, oh well. i tried to make it easier for you, but thats that i guess

Hey Restless_Samuel,

Let me start off by saying (barring the annoying coloring) that your appeal is fairly good. What is not fairly good is the ratio in which you are reported as causing trouble versus the times you are not. The team was divided but we had a pretty solid look into your admin-help relay versus your connection history. Just so everyone is on the same page, I am going to illustrate it below, chronologically, the days you connected to the servers and if there were any noteworthy admin contacts:

  • 08/29 - Nothing notable.
  • 08/30 - Warned for metacommunicating with another user. Also warned for butchering and gibbing someone you killed in self-defense as a non-antagonist.
  • 08/31 - Nothing notable.
  • 09/01 - Shot a cargo tech many more times then needed after they shot you with a cap gun. Was handled IC via demotion, warning was deemed sufficient.
  • 09/02 - Noted to have self-antagged enough to get yourself permabrigged. Initially you contacted administrators to complain about excessive brigging but retracted your statement after you were informed security was not in violation of the rules.
  • 09/03 - Banned for spacing areas as a non-antagonist.
  • 09/04 - Nothing notable.
  • 09/18 - Accused of (by another player) assisting the non-antag chef in gibbing several bodies as a non-antagonist yourself, though this was never proven.
  • 09/19 - Asked several questions about how you could grief the station as a mouse (by spreading diseases and/or chewing cables to disrupt power). While contacting admins about excessive brigging, taunted security IC with “i’m telling the admins”. You were warned not to do this.
  • 09/21 - Nothing notable.
  • 09/27 - Reported (twice I believe) for trying to steal uniforms off of dead security cadets/officers to pose as security. Also reported for breaking into the kitchen and attacking random animals until the chef beat you enough to make you reconsider your choice, a warning was issued.
  • 09/30 - Nothing notable.
  • 10/01 - Delayed report of this offense, you blatantly and purposefully as a non-antagonist poisoned everything you could get your hands on as a chemist and this is by far the most annoying thing chemists do.

There is a very noticeable pattern here. There are more days you’ve connected to the server where an administrator has had to look at your behavior then there are days that you were not reported for anything. Only 5/13 days you connected could I not find anything in the relay, but this doesn’t even dip into the logs or if you only connected for a very short time, or if your behavior simply went unreported. Over 50% of the time someone has to intervene and make sure you’re behaving, sometimes multiple times a day.

You already have one ban on record for brazen, blatant self-antagonism by spacing areas. You have topped it off with a second one for blatantly abusing chemist to put radium and other chemicals in whatever you could reach. That combined with these notes, the admin consensus is to  deny this appeal.

Appeal again in two weeks (10/20/2022).

I can tell you that your goodwill here has been really worn thin by your repeated incident history and your chances of return are very slim without a voucher of good behavior from another SS14 or SS13 server. We do not think that you are malicious, but you have been actively detracting from other people’s play experience more frequently than you’ve been adding to it, and that’s unacceptable.

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