Ban appeal, 1 year

SS14 account username: aedannx
Ban reason: Rule 0. Metalgearsloth said something after rule 0 but it was so long ago I dont remember.
Date of ban: Over a year ago.
Length of ban: Perm ban/ Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: I’ve explained what’s happened with this ban across three unban reports, the first one being angry about being banned, the second one being more rational and the third being the most rational.  But heres the rundown.

I was a minge and one of those weirdos who would do just enough to not get banned, but every now and then I would slip through the cracks and grief as non antag. 

Now I appealed these bans, but since it had danced around the rules and just kept my head over the water I assume I was Rule 0’d to prevent any further annoyance.

Reason the ban should be removed: I think I’ve served my time in clown jail. I’ve apologized many times, and it’s not like I just remembered about this game and I didn’t learn anything. Whenever I am bored, I always see SS14 in my steam library, but the only really active server is the one I’m banned on.  This game is a drug for me, I always keep coming back, and while colonial marines is fun every now and then, byond stinks and I would like to remedy the mistakes I made in 2021 not knowing the alternative was hell. I got into SS13/14 through this remake. Sorry to the people I trolled, sorry for being an idiot on all of those appeals and sorry for being a douche to admins who were just having a good time on the funny clown game. I took the game way too seriously


a few months ago i was reccomended by stealth 16 to get a voucher and i couldnt get one because the only gamemode i play is colonial marines on ss13 and unfortunately they dont do those. i hope a few more months in clown jail was able prove that im not trying to get back into the game so i can be banned within a week 

i am now aware there are a lot more servers than wiz den now holy nuts you guys making progress fast

After internal discussion our stance remains that you will need to obtain a voucher to return.

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