Ban appeal 2 weeks all command ban

Game Role ban 
ign: Kecko Mc gekko
Roles: whole commannd
date of ban 25.06
Length of ban: 2 weeks
events leading to the ban: i was tempt captain, the station got bombed and empd and was basicly fuged, i hread there was a syndiecate whos kiloing ppl in sci maints and i went to sci, then i saw a person who had RDs stuff and i stabbed em to crit becasue i thought the killed RD, there were bring to medical and got heald.
The admin :Lonesoilder/freeman boinked me accused me of metagaming because i said its a syndietask and we all know it.
also overreacting over that situtaion.
Reason for Unbann/ shorter time: because i think its a bit to much for a whole command ban for 2 weeks, and i know i should disable em first but it was a stressedout situation. and i would try to do better in the future because i already spent a bit of time on your servers

 P.s im sorry for my bad gramma . greetings from EU

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