Ban Appeal 2

SS14 account: S00thsayer
Character name: Sarper bukalemun
When was the ban: today
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard.
Your side of the story: First bomb the other scientist made only blast like 5 tiles but feeding bomb pills to a monkey makes much more mess I saw. It was my first time playing scientist and seeing something explode. Other scientist made the pills and the bombs, so I thought using them and doing this was okay. I knew blowing the mad bay was not good but my purpose was feeding the monkey and bringing him to the surgery room door so I could steal the tools and do our own surgeries.  But the monkey exploded immediately, I died and then I got banned.
Why you think you should be unbanned:  I am still learning the game, I only played for 24 hours and thought this kind of mischief is not labeled as grief for scientist job. My purpose was not killing people there (I only killed myself I guess). I really dedicated myself to this game in this 3 days and I really enjoy playing, at some point i will stop making mistakes because I am learning. I didnt think exploding a door and hitting a glass is same thing. Heard a medic pointing a person and saying “He blew up the med, throwed a bomb.” to secs and secs arrested him today, I didnt think it was something that I could get banned.

Yes, bombing the medbay is considered griefing. As is trying to space the bridge, which you were warned for today as well. We told you that you were on thin ice, and you proceeded to grief two times in one morning. Over the course of three hours you destroyed various parts of the station for multiple rounds.

It’s difficult to justify having you in the game when you just make it more frustrating for other players.  

I really get what do you say and I apologize to everyone I disturbed. I beg for another chance, please

Also, I’ve played as chef for many times and I am really good at that, not doing anything wrong, only my job. I can only play as cook, but I dont want to get banned. This game has such a good community and I really see karma works in game. I really dont want to pollute the game, it’s not my purpose, im not trying to troll anyone for real. Please unban me 

is my appeal rejected and ill be banned forever?

isnt perma ban too harsh for this? please respond 

You seem to be unable to follow repeated admin instructions as you’ve already had multiple chances by this point so your ban should stand longer.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals